La Semana Santa, Música Andina, y Birthday Fiesta

4 thoughts on “La Semana Santa, Música Andina, y Birthday Fiesta”

  1. I truly believe when you meet up with the synchronicity as you have on the bus with people from Sarasota it means you are on your right path keep the stories coming i just love all of it so looking forward to celebrating marriage together much love

  2. Whale season! or: temporada de ballenas, que emocion!
    I hope you had a great birthday. Crazy about the Sarasota people… gives me the chills. I agree with the above comment wholewheartedly. except for the marriage part i’m confused about that. Spill.
    The bad news before the holidays side note is equally humorous and annoying. I also had a thought about how this could work against the government- I would imagine that on a holiday, as in US, people congregate with friends and family and without work to do, discuss issues of the day. Couldn’t this have the opposite effect by actually fanning the flame?
    Happy travels!

    1. Thanks! My birthday was perfecto. I think the holidays thing is annoying too. You might think it would make it worse, but holidays down here usually consists of a parade, music and tons of alcohol. Everyone just gets drunk and dances in the street and all passionate political and social views fall to the wayside.

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