On the Open (Peruvian) Road

9 thoughts on “On the Open (Peruvian) Road”

  1. The same thing happened to us in England on several occasions about directions or questions as to where to shop for an item…they actually left their shop and walked us to another!!

  2. It sounds like you two are having the time of your lives and an experience that you will never forget. Congratulations to you for having the intuition to know that you must go out and do the things you want to do while you are young, and the guts to do it! ENJOY!

  3. So enjoying your journey Really appreciate all the stories and details of South American life You two look really happy and healthy Tons of love

  4. Hey you two. You must be exhausted from all the bus travels.
    Love the pictures and explanations. That waterfall is amazing
    Christina, if you haven’t seen it yet. Ken & Laine are proud parents to Lucy Jane, born yesterday.
    Miss you

    1. Hi Mom! Yea I saw a picture of Lucy on facebook…so happy for them! We are moving quickly for through the north to make our flight out of Lima by the 15th and Peru is so massive that you have to do long bus trips to get anywhere. Love you. (I’m calling you today. I’m sure your phone is buried in your purse somewhere so go dig it out!)

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