7 Days in the Amazon Rainforest

6 thoughts on “7 Days in the Amazon Rainforest”

  1. love getting your blog alerts in my inbox. we had an experience very similar to yours and i´m so glad that you guys document everything so well… i feel like a big butthead for slacking so much on ze writing.
    i cant believe you saw a jaguar, that is so stunning!
    we had similar nightime creepy crawler adventures as well (and not just on a trail, this included a colony of tarantulas living on the underside of the roof of our hut, and a friendly mystery creature who visited christy and i´s room in the night and because our flashlights both broke, and yes a headlamp is crucial in the jungle, we had to listen in anguish for hours wondering just what was the creature that was makes all the plastic bags rustle 2 feet away from our heads).
    it really was such a thrilling experience to be away from the world and not only to meet the indigenous people, but the bilingual, modern guides who are fully versed in the ways of the outside world and just feel much more at home spending 90% of their time in the jungle. i love it. journey on friends!

    1. That sounds terrifying! And you never figured out what it was? I would have gone insane without my headlamp at night. I was a little on edge at nighttime with all the bugs and would sporadically turn my lamp on to make sure nothing was crawling on me. But our cabins were pretty clean and not overly infested with night crawlers. If it wasn’t for all the brutal aspects (poisonous snakes, etc) living in the jungle I could have stayed for months it was so peaceful and beautiful there and life seems so simple.
      Hope Bogota is treating you guys well. And yes, you should update your blog more I would love to see more photos and stories!

  2. I do not believe I have seen a happier more peaceful picture of the one the two of you. It appears you are exactly where you are suppose to be at this time in your lives. it makes me so happy for you. Spectacular writing and photos, I had the feeling I was along for the ride Keep on enjoying life You both are so good at it Mucho Love

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