Open Veins of Guatemala

One thought on “Open Veins of Guatemala”

  1. Glad you guys are enjoying Guatemala. It really is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I spent 3 days in Antigua back in the early nineties and was mesmerized by the surrounding volcanoes and the church ruins left by an earthquake in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. Spent a personally very meaningful early morning photographing the San Francisco church and then being in the Mass with the folks who were coming in from the countryside to sell their produce and crafts at the open market in the center of town. Love the Guatemala style tortillas and the accompanying beans and rice too!

    Thank you for the summary of the country’s history over the last century plus. Sadly the U.S. has been deeply involved in numerous interventions throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean that have been mostly about the interests of U.S. corporations, and to the detriment of local democratically elected governments and their peoples. Learning about this history really is an eye-opener, as we rarely hear about it in history classes here, even at the university level.

    Disfruten de su tiempo en Guatemala!

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