Mayan Rituals

7 thoughts on “Mayan Rituals”

  1. The experience is great through your eyes. I am living vicariously without having to visit a third world country and leave my comfortable bed. Thanks!!

  2. Enjoyed once again the invitation to share in your adventures. I remember being in Chichi in the early 90s. We spent time in the market and visited the church as well. Also witnessed the syncretism of Christian and Indigenous faiths being practiced within the same sacred space of the Catholic Church. If I remember correctly some of the Catholic saints have dual identities for the local people, representing the saint as well as a traditional Mayan deity.

    I don’t know if this is still the case, but when I was there the women of each community had their own unique color and design for their clothing, so they could actually tell where a woman was from because of her dress. Although, when I visited the country was still in the midst of a civil war and so it was not always beneficial to have your place of origin made so obvious. So the women had also come up with a non-specific design of clothing that did not indicate what village they came from. Sadly the U.S. government at that time was supporting a very repressive government that was at war against its own people.

    I don’t know if you have had an opportunity to view my new blog at I am adding your blog to the blog roll on my site.

    Take care. It will be great to get together with you guys and hear more whenever you return to Florida!

    1. Thanks David,

      I am glad to see you are enjoying our blog. We just finished a 7 day hike from Nebaj to Todos Santos for Dios De Los Muertos. These villages we hiked through and stayed at were the worst effected during the Civil War. I do not think they still wear unique colors and designs to match their communities, but I am not certain. What an experience. We will be writing a new blog soon and I will add your blog to our roll. We will certainly get together when we return 🙂

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