Xela, Nebaj, Todos Santos- Hiking, Volunteering, Earthquakes

4 thoughts on “Xela, Nebaj, Todos Santos- Hiking, Volunteering, Earthquakes”

  1. The note about gravestones decorated in USA colors reminded me to ask you guys something… have you guys been over to Jacaltenango? I don’t think I’ve read anything. Anyways, it’s where most of my students that I teach English to are from, this tiny little village.. somehow a cord between tiny Jacaltenango and tiny Jupiter has been drawn. And apparently when you go to this little place, you can see lots of people wearing “Jupiter, FL” t-shirts that their families or El Sol send back for them. kinda cool. A little light reading if you’re interested- http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/26/opinion/26sat4.html
    always great to hear what you’re up to!!!


    1. We haven’t been to Jacaltenango. Its north of us, close to the Mexican border, and we are heading towards the Yucatan so I don’t think we will stop there. Kinda random that so many people there end up in Jupiter, but I bet Jacaltenango is better off than a lot of other towns because of it. Its crazy that pretty much everyone we meet has family in the states or has been there themselves and wants to go back. Everytime someone asks where we are from they always want to share how they have a personal connection to the states. I actually want to look for a job at a immigrant support organization like El Sol. After being on this side of the spectrum it’s frustrating to see that they aren’t treated like they should be (for the most part). Anyway, great article! Where else are your students from? good to hear from you!

      1. Dude, you should totally work at El Sol when you go back!! I know Jupiter isn’t the ideal place to settle long term, but for a year or something like that.. it’s a super unique place. And they do AmeriCorps VISTA positions there.. kind of like a Peace Corp, but in the USA… you would be a shoo-in with your wealth of experiences. They wanted to me to do it but I didn’t want to commit to another year of living in my home town :/
        all my love!

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