Living With the Monks

4 thoughts on “Living With the Monks”

  1. Hi dear Ben and Christina,

    Thanks for sharing this post. My partner and I are going to Myanmar in a couple of days and are very excited. We also wanted to do the meditation course in Pak Auk Monastery but I never received an answer from them. Did you contact them before your arrival or just showed up? Would be very grateful for the answer! It must be an unforgettable experience

    Wonderful travels to you,
    Kris and Adam

  2. Hi Kris & Adam,

    Thanks for reading our post 😀 I think we had the same thing happen. They didn’t respond to our email so we just showed up to talk to them. We took a taxi out there from Malamyine. It seemed like we could have registered and stayed there that same day but we didn’t have our things so we went back the next day to begin. You can stay as long as you want and it’s based on donation. Usually the foreign laypeople wear white. Wear loose pants and don’t show much skin. They let me buy a white long sleeve shirt to wear, but I’m not sure about the men’s side what they have available. It’s an incredible experience you won’t forget! Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. Hi Christina and Ben!

    I just read this great article, and as I was a bit disappointed by reading on the website of the Monastery I had to send a letter about 6 to 8 weeks before, I know get happy again thanks to your feedback. My questions were about the same as Kristina, whether I could just show up if no answer was given. Did you send them an e-mail or a proper letter?
    About the teaching, you had a personal teacher, such as a monk coaching you during your stay? (as I understood from their website) or were you more or less on your own?
    It looks like you had an experience of a lifetime!! Can’t wait to get there!

    Best regards from France, Martin

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