Teaching Tibetans & Staying with Sikhs

8 thoughts on “Teaching Tibetans & Staying with Sikhs”

  1. You present such a different perspective of people religion and country than we are taught. It is beautiful prose which paints a mental picture as sharp as a photo. Beautiful.

  2. Can’t tell how much we enjoy your reporting. It provides a remarkably different look at the lives of the people where you are visiting.

  3. Christina,your article is amazing. You and Ben are giving us an education of life in many parts of the world. Your stories are so interesting and I love that you and Ben are so respectful of other cultures. Through your eyes and enlightening journals, We get to see the world. You both have such compassion and work to help many situations. So proud of you both. We always look forward to your next travels and adventures. Looking forward to Paris. Love you and Ben. Mom

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