Shaman Ritual

Over the past few weeks our teacher Carlos has been introducing us to Ecuador’s tradition of using herbal plants. Plants have been used medicinally for thousands of years in this country, and still have a very modern role in most society, particularly in indigenous communities living in the Andes (which make up about 30% of … Continue reading Shaman Ritual


Since we have been in Cuenca the life of wanderlust has managed to slow down a little.  We rented an apartment here in Cuenca while we study Spanish. Rent is steep at $210 a month but we manage (lol).  Our last day in Cuenca will be April 12 and then we will travel to Isla … Continue reading Ecuadays


We took a 3 hour bus from Quilitoa to Latacuanga (a lady used my leg as her headrest for most of the ride). We stopped a bus on the side of the road going to Ambato, took a taxi from the North Ambato bus terminal to the South terminal and made it just in time … Continue reading Baños